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What You Need To Know About Web Designing

image1If you wish to be successful online you need to understand that it requires more than building a low cost website. Custom web designing involves technical skills, links, plug-ins, search engine optimization and submission along with an intricate blend of more than 200 variables woven into the fabric of a Web site.

First impressions are important:

It is known that if a site looks modern and professional than potential clients will feel that you can be trusted. The sole purpose of a well-built web site is to catch the eye of a potential client, create a feeling within seconds and encourage them to read on. A site that contains relevant information and is easy to navigate makes it easier for a potential client to make a decision to contact or purchase from you. If a site is clean, fresh, efficient, and health than clients will believe this of your company and will have more comfort and confidence in dealing with you. If your site looks amateur, old, outdated, messy or unprofessional then they may feel that you are not doing well making it less likely that they will contact you.

A successful site needs to be:

  • Structured so that search engines can find you.
  • Have a way that clients can order your product and pay securely in a manner that is the least costly and time consuming for you.
  • Be compatible with your PC, tablets and mobile devices.

At theComputerAide.com I offer modern professional web sites that are compatible with your PC, tablets and mobile devices. I also offer WordPress Content Management System (CMS) sites which you can edit yourself.

All my sites come with a basic Search Engine search engine optimized (SEO) and can support add-ons for Video, Audio and E-commerce


Web, Graphic Design Work and Advertising Materials

image2From personalized Web and Graphic Designs to entire Advertising Materials, theComputerAide.com provides services with everything you need to grow your business. I am a Freelance Designer based in Montreal, Canada since the year 2000 I have worked for clients all over North America.

Websites, E-Commerce and Mufti-Media sites, Hosting, SEO, WordPress, Google Ads, Business Cards, Letterhead and Printed Matter are services that I offer. Each service is individually tailored to fit your business needs featuring the same unmistakable design-man-ship that has distinguished theComputerAide for over a decade. Samples of some of my work are found on the Client list below.


Do It Yourself WordPress

Why Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website


image3If you need a website you can build and update yourself then WordPress is what you want. No more asking your webmaster every time you want to make a small change. Once WordPress is set up for you, you can easily create new pages or edit existing pages. WordPress is easy to learn, requires little practice and you do not need to learn HTML. You can find multiple “How To” video tutorial on YouTube. There are so many people writing about WordPress that help is only a Google search away!

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful Content Management System (CMS). It connects to a database. WordPress is optimized for the ease of publishing and changing content. With WordPress you can have a small business website, a blog, or both.

I also offer addition help and support services if you should need or wish to add custom features, I can help you.



Hosting 24/7

image4Hosting Servers are located in the United States with a reputable and reliable company. Below is a list of features that come with the hosting package.


  • Web Hosting minimum 12-Month
  • Annual Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Transfer
  • International Domain Name Support
  • E-mail forwarding to your personal e-mail account.
  • World-Class High Performance Servers
  • Diverse Multiple Gigabit & Fiber optic
  • Redundant high-speed connections
  • Load-balanced routers
  • Backbones 24 x 7 systems and network monitoring
  • Multiple, redundant firewall clusters
  • Real-time denial-of-service attack monitoring
  • Virus protection
  • 2 Data Center Locations
  • Diesel Back-up Generator
  • Guarantee 99.99% up-time.


What You Need To Know About Email

  • image5Every hosting account comes with one free email account (Other email accounts can be purchased separately).
  • All email account can be configured to work with Microsoft Office Outlook or can be forwarded to your personal Hotmail or Gmail account.
  • Emails can be accessed anywhere in the world through theComputerAide.com login below.


Contact Me

As a Freelance Designer I understand small businesses because I am one. For more information contact me.